In preparation

The Handbook of Pre-Modern Nordic Memory Studies

The general aim of this handbook will be to document the potential and existing research of memory studies in premodern Scandinavia (mainly Viking Age and Middle Ages, but including as well both earlier and later periods where possible), which in recent years has become an important emerging field of studies in the area of Nordic studies in general. In addition the book will point towards ways for future research. The content of the handbook will thus both consist of a survey of possible methodological approaches and of important historical aspects. Contributions to the handbook come from international specialists from relevant fields such as archaeology, mythology, history of religion, history, law, art, literature, language, mediality and others.  

The Handbook of Pre-Modern Nordic Memory Studies will be published by de Gruyter in Berlin.

Editors: Jürg Glauser (Zürich/Basel, Switzerland), Pernille Hermann (Aarhus, Denmark), Stephen A. Mitchell (Harvard, USA)