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Call for Papers for Sessions on Old Norse Studies and Collective Memory at Leeds IMC 2018

Memory seemingly meant a great deal to the speakers and writers of Old Norse. This is self-evident from the abundance of manuscripts produced in the medieval period, as well as their content, which preserves stories and myths in poetry and prose from both the distant past and contemporary exploits. Other evidence such as runic inscriptions and archaeological finds also points to a preoccupation with memory and the past, its preservation, and its construction. Collective and Cultural Memory studies are a useful prism through which to look at this material, and yet it is only in the recent decade or so that these studies have gained a real foothold in Old Norse scholarship, manifested in recent anthologies dedicated to the topic of Memory (Special Issue of Scandinavian Studies, ed. Hermann and Mitchell 2013; Minni and Muninn, ed. Hermann, Mitchell and Agnes S. Arnórsdóttir 2014 and The Handbook of Pre-Modern Nordic Memory Studies, ed. Glauser, Hermann and Mitchell forthcoming).

Viewing Collective and Cultural Memory as the way a society wishes to represent itself or indeed the condensation of a society's traditions raises intriguing questions: What did medieval Scandinavians wish to remember? How did they wish to be remembered? How did they construct their representations of the past? How did and do later generations of readers and writers construct their memories of Viking Age and Early Medieval Scandinavia?

Leeds IMC 2018's theme of Memory provides a great opportunity to examine these questions and many more with a new vigour and drive. Presenters are encouraged to suggest papers that touch upon the wide field of Collective and Cultural Memory and apply this theory to Old Norse studies.

Abstract proposals should be between 100-200 words, which detail the presenter's focus and possible study-cases. The deadline is 4th September. The sessions are sponsored by the research network Memory & the Pre-Modern North. For abstract proposals and questions, please email session organisers:

- Yoav Tirosh (University of Iceland),

- Simon Nygaard (Aarhus University),